2017-07-11 City Council Claims Process for Construction Damage Caused by City Projects (M. Nickel)
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Action: That Administration provide a report on the following:

1. Please provide an overview of the City’s process for responding to a construction damage claim.
2. Is this process different if the actual construction work is completed by a contractor hired by the City instead of City crews?
3. If the process is different what is the role of the City and what is the role of the contractor?
4. What is the purpose of pre-construction assessments completed by the City and are property owners entitled to a copy of any assessments completed by the City?
5. What is the deadline for filing a claim for damage caused by construction and does this change if the damage occurs while construction is ongoing or becomes visible after construction is complete?
6. Does this same process apply to construction completed through a P3 process? If not how is it different?

Department: Citizen Svcs.

November 2018 Community and Pub. Svcs. Committee