About YEGVotes.info

YEGVotes.info is a website made by Troy Pavlek, a resident of Hazeldean and a fan of municipal politics.

Some of the things you can track on the site are:

Councillor and Mayor Attendance

A. Knack - Councillor Ward 1

Meetings: 286 / 286 (100%)

Votes: 8 201 / 8 201 ( 100% )

E. Gibbons - Councillor Ward 4

Meetings: 243 / 275 (88%)

Votes: 7 022 / 8 203 ( 86% )

Easily see at a glance which councillors show up. Attendance is broken down by both meeting and individual votes, so if your councillor shows up to meetings, but leaves halfway through, you'll know!

Summaries for agenda items with votes

Interested in what happened last meeting? Catching up on the past few months? YEGVotes includes a breakdown of each item on the agenda for all Council meetings, and easily shows which motions were unanimous, which motions failed, and which one had a dissenting voice.

Just click on any one of the motions to explore the motion text and what each councillor voted!

You can also easily view motions in a convenient summary card

2015-09-22 City Council Bylaw 17400 - Vehicle for Hire Bylaw

That Part 1 of the motion be amended to add g. that reads as follows:

g. That Administration recommend an appropriate minimum base fare that takes into account the restrictions that Transportation Network Companies would have to abide by for example - no street hails. 

Councillor Voting Records

Drill down and look at every bylaw each councillor voted on - you can also show only the votes they opposed!

D. Iveson - Mayor

Meetings: 362 / 395 (92%)

Votes: 7 607 / 8 203 ( 93% )

Changes to Council Calendar (B. Esslinger)
No (1 votes)
Yes (2 votes)
Review of Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions
No (1 votes)
Yes (5 votes)
City of Edmonton Signage (T. Caterina)
No (2 votes)
Bylaw 18160 - To allow for convenience retail and service uses, Chappelle
No (4 votes)
Yes (3 votes)
Bylaw 18081 - To allow for a high rise, high density residential building, Oliver
No (1 votes)
Yes (1 votes)
Bylaw 18058 - Text Amendment to the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800 - Limitation of Variance to Site Width and Rounding up of Numbers to Establish Site Width
No (3 votes)
Yes (6 votes)
Bylaw 17848 - To allow for high density, mixed use development, Queen Alexandra
No (1 votes)
Yes (6 votes)